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Request for Proposals: SaskSPCA Strategic Plan Development


August 10, 2023


The SaskSPCA is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to develop two 2023-2028 strategic plans: one for the operations of the SaskSPCA and one to support the construction and operation of the new SaskSPCA Emergency Animal Care Centre.


The Saskatchewan SPCA is the provincial voice on animal welfare. Established in 1928, we are a registered Canadian charity working to promote the humane treatment of animals and prevent animal cruelty. We work collaboratively with a broad variety of partners in the animal welfare sector as well as in human services, policing, health care, and government.
We are one of 17 SPCAs/Humane Societies operating in the province. Contrary to public misconception, the SaskSPCA is not “in charge of” all other SPCAs/Humane Societies; instead, each has its own board of directors and is responsible for raising funds for its own operations.

Our head office is in Saskatoon, SK. Currently we employ five full-time and two part-time staff.

We do not receive government funding; our organization operates through funding from memberships, donations, grants, and other fundraising activities, such as our biannual lottery.

Our current five-year strategic plan was approved in 2018. The plan focused on the needs of our organization as we transitioned away from our role in the enforcement of animal welfare legislation.

The SaskSPCA provides a variety of programs and services aimed at improving the welfare of companion animals and livestock. We will be taking on an expanded role in animal welfare with the construction of an emergency animal care centre. The SaskSPCA Emergency Animal Care Centre is slated to be operational in late 2024.

Our vision:

A Saskatchewan in which all animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, diseases, fear and distress, and able to express normal behaviour.

Our mission:

To coordinate and amplify a system of bet practices in animal welfare across the province of Saskatchewan.

Our guiding principles:

The SaskSPCA is an animal welfare organization that:

  • Promotes the mutually beneficial relationship between animals and humans;
  • Takes a collaborative approach to achieve our mission and vision; and
  • Is transparent and respected for our innovation, integrity, and passion.

Our current programs and services:

Currently we are working to:

  • Aid owners struggling with the cost of pet food. Our provincial pet food bank now serves 13 communities through 17 distribution sites.
  • Assist the victims of family violence through the development of animal safekeeping resources and pet-friendly domestic violence shelters in Saskatchewan.
  • Provide funds to assist with the cost of routine and emergency veterinary care for retired law enforcement dogs.
  • Prevent animal cruelty and suffering through humane education.
  • Conduct research and raise awareness of the link between violence to people and to animals.
  • Advocate for improved animal welfare legislation, including the development of standards for animal rescues.

New programs and services in development:

The SaskSPCA has embarked on a project that will address current gaps in the animal welfare sector. The SaskSPCA Emergency Animal Care is a provincial resource designed to meet the targeted needs of pet owners and animal law enforcement agencies. The Centre will provide a safe and affordable space for pets when their owners are temporarily unable to provide care because of family violence, lengthy hospitalization, emergency evacuation, or other personal crises. As well, the Centre offers dedicated space to care for abused and neglected animals seized by or surrendered to animal enforcement agencies in Saskatchewan.

The Emergency Animal Care Centre will be owned and operated by the SaskSPCA. The Centre will be housed in a new purpose-built 50 ft. by 165 ft. steel building, located on property owned by the SaskSPCA. A capital fundraising campaign is presently underway to secure the necessary funds to build and operate the centre.

Construction of the Emergency Animal Care Centre is scheduled to be complete in mid-2024, with opening of the centre by the end of the year.


We require two new 5-year strategic plans

  1. A plan to guide the overall growth and development of the SaskSPCA. The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of addressing the needs of animals and their people in our work to improve the welfare of companion animals and livestock.
  2. A separate strategic plan to support the launch and operation of the SaskSPCA Emergency Animal Care Centre. This is not a traditional animal shelter or adoption facility. The Centre provides short-term, affordable animal care to meet the targeted needs of pet owners and animal law enforcement agencies.The development of the new strategic plans will give our board, staff, members, and donors the opportunity to shape the future of our animal welfare organization. We need to seek feedback from human service agencies, animal law enforcement, and animal welfare organizations that will be impacted by the new programs and services available through the Centre. In addition, we want to provide opportunities for meaningful consultation with individuals and groups who may be served by this new Centre, including victims of intimate partner violence who own pets; individuals of advanced age; First Nations and Metis people; residents of rural and Northern Saskatchewan; and individuals experiencing homelessness or vulnerably housed.


We require the services of an experienced consultant to assist with the following:

  1. Creation of a 5-year strategic plan to support SaskSPCA operations.
  2. Creation of a 5-year strategic plan to support the construction and operation of the new SaskSPCA Emergency Animal Care Centre.
  3. Hosting focus group(s) and a strategic planning meeting to seek input from internal and external stakeholders.


  • Meet with board and Executive Director to clarify expectations for project.
  • Create timeline and framework for planning.
  • Facilitate focus groups and strategic planning meetings.
  • Provide project management, including reminders about deadlines.
  • Assist in the process of identifying and reaching external stakeholders.
  • Draft and revise as necessary the strategic plan documents.
  • Draft the initial report with environmental scan, recommendations, and priorities in preparation for the strategic planning meeting.
  • Draft a revenue plan to support implementation of the strategic plans.
  • Prepare the two strategic plans, including goals, action plan, timelines, and resources for review and feedback.
  • Meet with board to provide feedback on the final strategic plans.

Project budget:

The total budget for this project, including taxes and expenses, is $12,000 to $15,000.

Project timelines:

September 8, 2023 Deadline for responses to RFP
September 14 Select consultant
September 28 Meet with consultant to discuss project details; provide consultant with relevant background information (SaskSPCA and Emergency Animal Care Centre)
October 13 Identify potential internal and external stakeholders; develop a plan to solicit their input; begin environmental scan
October 31 Plan for focus groups and consultation sessions; complete environmental scan
November 1, 2023 to February 28, 2024 Hold focus group(s) and consultation sessions to discuss mission, vision, values, and areas of impact for SaskSPCA and the Emergency Animal Care Centre
March 28, 2024 Prepare draft strategic plans for review by board of directors
April 30 Final changes/approval from board of directors
May 30 Share final strategic plan with staff, internal stakeholders, and external stakeholders; thank everyone for their input
June 30 Finalize project


Deadline for RFP submissions: September 8, 2023
All work must be complete by the end of June 2024.

Proposal requirements:

  1. Consultant’s experience/expertise in the following areas:
    • Strategic planning process with NGOs.
    • Working with community service, not-for-profit, and/or charitable organizations.
    • Understanding of the animal welfare sector.
    • Use of online communication forums, preferably Zoom.
  2. Project work plan, including initial planning, research, stakeholder consultation process, and reporting.
  3. A list of recent references.
  4. A breakdown of costs associated with this project, including travel costs.

Proposals may be submitted to the SaskSPCA:

  • By mail: Box 37, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3K1
  • By email: info@saskspca.ca

Questions regarding the RFP should be directed to:

Sandra Anderson, Program Director, SaskSPCA:

  • 306.382.2419
  • sandra@saskspca.ca

Proposal conditions:

  1. The SaskSPCA reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of the submissions or to rescind this call for proposals at any time.
  2. The lowest or any other bid will not necessarily be accepted. The contract will be awarded based on proposed approach, ability to meet timelines, and the consultant’s qualifications and related experience.
  3. The SaskSPCA is not liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this Request for Proposals.

Click here to download PDF version of RFP document